Rest to keep your skin healthy

With todays busy lifestyles, sleep sits lower on our list of priorities .

It might help to look at sleep as an essential, complex process that is regulated by the brain. Chemical substances are released in the body to trigger sleepiness. In the various stages of sleep, your body is actively repairing and regenerating itself (including cellular repair of the skin). Long-term sleep deprivation can result in physical and mental dysfunction, impaired memory, shortened attention span, and an increased risk for diseases. The combination of adequate night-time rest, maintaining a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly will keep you feeling and looking your best. A simple and easy way to restore hydration to your skin is to apply a suitable night-time cream just before going to bed. This routine will allow time for absorption of the active ingredients – you may be resting, but your skin is still hard at work. Get your beauty rest!