Test Invibe MD Cream


3 oz / 300mg CBD

Formulated to enhance any athletic endeavor; both before and after. INVIBE MD Troubled Skin Cream is powered by hemp-derived CBD and “super- moisturizer” hyaluronic acid to directly address any skin woe and make you look and feel great.

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InvibeMD has formulated a special Troubled Skin Cream for all your skin woes. Along with CBD, we have added hyaluronic acid for added moisturization. Apply morning and night and see the difference InvibeMD makes!

  • Apply to troubled skin area
  • Enhanced with hyaluronic acid for added moisturization
  • Made from US hemp-derived CBD
  • Non-psychoactive (no THC)
  • Delivered by patented Invisicare® technology, backed by 20+ years of science
  • Unscented


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